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First Semester MS Graduate Student Research Rotations

Graduate Student Evaluation At Committee Meetings
Grades for thesis research (J810) will be assigned by the student’s Advisory Committee.  Students will hold at least two committee meetings per year, during which the student’s progress in the program will be assessed.  At each meeting, the committee will decide upon a grade that reflects the student’s progress, and each committee member will initial the grade form to indicate their assent to that grade.  The committee will also fill out a rubric that details the level of the student’s progress.  After the meeting, the Chair will submit a written synopsis of the student’s progress to the Course Director (Graduate Advisor).  Failure to hold a meeting for a given semester will result in a grade of Incomplete (I) at the end of that term.  If no letter grade is assigned within 1 year, the I is automatically converted to an F. 

The grade given to a student at the completion of a committee meeting will be based upon a variety of criteria:

As the student advances through the program, the ability of the student to work independently will also contribute to the formulation of a grade.

The narrative summary, in addition to providing a synopsis of the committee’s discussion of the student’s progress, should outline any concerns or goals laid out for the student and should include any decisions made, such as approval of coursework or permission to write the thesis. 

It should be noted that satisfactory performance is denoted by a grade of B.  The basis for assigning any grade above or below a B should be reflected in both the narrative summary of the committee meeting and in the rubric completed at the committee meeting. 

 J810 Evaluation Form is available by clicking here

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