Bridges to the Doctorate

The Bridges to the Doctorate initiative, funded by the National Institutes of Health, (NIGMS 5R25GM067592-08) represents a formal partnership between Jackson State University (JSU), a historically black institution, California State University - Dominguez Hills (CSUDH), a minority serving institution, Tuskegee University, a historically black institution and Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI). The purpose of the partnership is to enhance the quality and quantity of underrepresented minority students who are being trained as the next generation of scientists by providing a structured "bridge" between the JSU, CSUDH and Tuskegee's Biology Master's programs and the IUPUI doctoral program. 

During the summer months, Bridges students will attend IUPUI and affiliate with a research laboratory/mentor from one of the IU School of Medicine's Basic Science Departments.  The IUPUI mentor will also sit on the student's Master's thesis committee and be involved with the student during the academic year.  The student will perform research in that laboratory; present/publish results at national meetings.  In addition, they will attend workshops/classes and mentor other undergraduate minority students who are participating in the IUPUI summer research program for prospective medical students. Each Bridges student will also be assigned a graduate student/postdoctoral laboratory mentor and interact with their students in the IUPUI laboratory.

The Bridges to the Doctorate Program is administered by Dr. Glake Hill at Jackson State University, Dr. H.K. Choi at California State University - Dominguez Hills, Dr. Gerald Griffin at Tuskegee University and Dr. Randy R. Brutkiewicz at IUPUI. They are assisted by IUPUI Program Coordinator, Ms. NaShara Mitchell, as well as an advisory committee consisting of administrators and other senior faculty members at IUPUI and the School of Medicine.

Specifically, the Advisory Committee is composed of the basic science Chairs, the Dean of the Graduate Office, the IUPUI Assistant Chancellor for Diversity, IUSOM Associate Dean for Diversity, and the IUPUI Vice Chancellor for Research.

The Bridges Program has mentors from each basic science department available for potential affiliation with Bridges Scholars. Affiliations are based upon student research interests, available funding and mentor's research interest.

Sample Summer Bridges Curriculum  - Tentative Schedule

May 18       Orientation and Introduction
May 21       Radiation Safety and IRB training
May 26       How to maintain Lab data Records
June 1        Lab Safety and Blood borne Pathogens
June 9        Mentoring
June 10      GRE Prep Class
June 11      PFF Institute Grant Writing
June 15      Test-taking and Study Strategies
June 23      Imposter Syndrome
June 24      GRE Prep Class
June 29      Ethics in Research
July 1         GRE Prep Class
July 7         Financial Planning
July 8         GRE Prep Class
July 13       Communication in Science
July 15       GRE Prep Class
July 20       Indiana Biomedical Gateway Program
July 22       Poster Session
July 22       GRE Prep Class
July 23-25  U. Michigan Conference
July 27       CV and Statement of Purpose
July 29       GRE Prep Class
August 3    Library Tour and Training in PubMed
August 5    GRE Examination

Bridges to the Doctorate Program Application Submission Requirements

1.     Completed and Signed Application
2.     Three Letters of Recommendation
3.     Copy of Official Transcript
4.     Student copy of GRE Scores (if available)
5.     Resume
6.     Essay on career goals and path of graduate study
7.     Statement of Research experience and/or Interest
8.     Copy of Permanent Resident Card, if applicable

Please carefully read the following information and sign only if you are in agreement:

1.     I certify I am an US Citizen or Permanent Resident
2.     I agree that I am committed to the pursuit of a PhD in a Medical Science field
3.     I agree this program will be considered full time employment and I cannot be employed by any other agency or obtain any other unrelated scholarship/fellowship.
4.     I understand I will not be allowed to continue in the Bridges to the Doctorate Program if my academic progress does not meet enrollment requirements,  or if my semester and cumulative GPA requirements fall below the minimum (3.0 GPA) as stated in the program guidelines.
5.     I understand that my eligibility to continue in the Bridges to the Doctorate program is contingent on my enrollment in the Biology Department at JSU, CSUDH or Tuskegee University.
6.     I hereby certify that all statements in this application are true to the best of my knowledge and understanding.


Signature of Applicant: ___________________________________   Date: ______________

Note:  This is an application for the Bridges to the Doctorate Graduate Fellowship Program at IUPUI School of Medicine Basic Science Departments.  You must apply to and be accepted by the Biology Department at JSU or CSUDH to be eligible for the fellowship.

For More Bridges Information contact:

Dr. Randy R. Brutkiewicz, Program Director   317-274-7589

Dr. Glake Hill, Program Coordinator, Jackson State University

Maxine Simpson, Assistant to the Coordinator  601-979-3453

Dr. H.K. Choi, Program Coordinator, CSUDH

Irma (Gaby) Gomez, Assistant to the Coordinator, CSUDH,

Dr. Gerald Griffin, Program Coordinator, Tuskegee Univeristy

Ms. Belina Thorpe, Grant Specialist, Tuskegee University,

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