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Training programs are available in the areas of Hematopoiesis, Gene Transfer/Gene Therapy, Immunology and Infectious Disease and Cancer Biologya Training Program for Medical Scientists (leading to the MD/PhD) is also available.

Immunology and Infectious Disease Training Program

Indiana University School of Medicine is home to a nationally recognized program in Immunology and Infectious Disease research with investigators working in the areas of allergy and asthma, autoimmunity, biodefense, immune cell development and differentiation, innate immunity, host-pathogen interactions, transplantation, tumor immunity, and virology. Support for training graduate students and fellows, is provided by a grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health. Scientific advances in the fields of immunology and infectious disease research significantly impact human health and the treatment of disease. Novel approaches to vaccine development to combat tumors and pathogens are required, as well as the development of novel therapeutics for asthma and autoimmune disorders. The reemergence of several infectious agents and concerns about the mis-use of biological agents for bioterrorism, similarly highlight the importance of research in immunology and infectious disease. Thus, the development of a well-educated workforce of scientists focused on these disciplines remains an urgent priority.

The Immunology and Infectious Disease Program at Indiana University offers students and fellows formal and applied training to meet this need in an interactive medical center environment. Preceptors and resource faculty are drawn from both the basic and clinical sciences, offering trainees exposure to cutting edge molecular and cellular approaches as well as the chance to gain knowledge from patient samples and in vivo models. The program is designed to provide a supportive environment for training a diverse group of talented graduate students at the doctoral level. Short-term summer research experiences are also offered for outstanding underrepresented minority students enrolled in a Master of Science degree program. Postdoctoral fellowships are also available for individuals interested in working with program faculty.

The program offers comprehensive training in research, biomedical ethics, mentoring, and grant writing as well as access to resources within the Center for Immunobiology, a multidisciplinary, interdepartmental research center. Trainees actively participate and interact with program faculty via weekly research conferences, seminars, and journal clubs, as well as traveling to national and international meetings for research presentations. Preceptors in the program have on-going research projects related to immunology and infectious disease, with laboratories located in close proximity in basic science and clinical departments at Indiana University School of Medicine.  

Program Faculty

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For additional information on graduate and postdoctoral research fellowship support available through the Immunology and Infectious Diseases Training Program at Indiana University School of Medicine please contact Dr. Mark Kaplan at or 317-278-3696. This training program is affiliated with the Departments of Microbiology and Immunology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cellular and Integrated Physiology, Pediatrics, and Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

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