Training Program for Medical Scientists

Externally (NIH) Funded and Internally
Funded Interdisciplinary Programs

Training programs are available in the areas of Hematopoiesis, Gene Transfer/Gene Therapy, Immunology and Infectious Disease and Cancer Biologya Training Program for Medical Scientists (leading to the MD/PhD) is also available.

Training Program for Medical Scientists


More about graduate programs at IUSM and who to contact for further details.

Combined Degree Programs

IUSM's unique degree combinations including the Indiana Medical Scientist (MD/PhD), MD/MPH, MD/MBA and MD/MA programs.

MS in Medical Science

A unique opportunity for medical school applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds or underrepresented minority groups.

Programs in Biomedical Sciences

List of PhD and MS programs and contact information for each. Includes information about interdisciplinary minors. Updated June 2004: Medical Biophysics and Biomolecular Imaging program. Learn also about the PhD Minor in Biomolecular Imaging.

Biotechnology Certificate Training Program

As part of INGEN , this new graduate certification program is designed for research technicians seeking to continue their education in biotechnology.

Physician Scholar Program

For students who wish to pursue careers in medicine that include teaching and research.

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